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No matter what the cause may be, our friends and family always find a way to show up and support.
Yep, that stupid ugly “C” word has hit home for us yet again, and we have another loved one who has to face Cancer head on. It sucks, it’s scary, and it takes all plans that we originally had and puts them on hold. But what it will NOT do is have them fight alone.

Support Squad

When we all decided to get together in order to show our support I knew another way to emphasize that they are not alone in this journey was t-shirts. So I jumped on my computer, came up with a design for all of us that will help hold this family up and fill in the pieces when needed. And we of course couldn’t leave out the most important person… the true fighter!

UPDATE! Since we published this post many have contacted us asking for some. Check out some of the customizations we have done upon request.

Now Selling for only $12!

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