We are more than Graphic Designers

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It doesn’t matter how many years you put together the same convention, it is always a ton of work.

From the 1st year to the 100th year, putting on a convention is a ton of work. From picking the perfect date, venue, concept, interest, audience, and the list goes on and one. It was very interesting to me that after speaking to many, the general consensus is “Once you have done the convention… isn’t it super easy the next year?” Oh, how I wish that was true.

This was my 2nd year helping out with GEXCon, so you would think.. “ok most of the graphics and marketing are already done.” And yes, for some items that may be true, but we would not be the company we strive to be if we didn’t want to improve on everything and make each item is better than before. The other key piece to this is that many don’t know how involved AJ Studios is with GEXCon. We do not just provide the graphics and walk away. We are in the middle and get our “hands dirty”, so to speak. Below is just a SMALL list of things we help with that DOESN’T even include the traditional things people think of when they think of a graphic design company (You know the “simple” things like such banners, signs, stands and programs.)

Services We Offer

  • Pricing of Booths/Tickets
  • Marketing Deck
  • Website Ads
  • Promotional Video Edits
  • 3D Floor Plan Layouts
  • Social Media
  • Website Design
  • Website Live Support
  • Photography
  • Meetings with Venus
  • Branding
  • Promotional Events
  • Videography
  • Merchant Booth
  • Exhibitor Communication
  • Management of Team Members

Not only are we involved from the planing stages, but we also help coordinate the logistics of move-in/move-out AND we are there bright and early each day of the event.

Our goal is to help FIAD Entertainment Group have the most polished and smooth event they can. When problems arise we step in to create a solution. When the problem is larger than us, we know all the right people to put a solution in place. If any convention tells you they had no problems and everything went 100% smoothly (truthfully), I would like to shake the hand of each coordinator that was able to pull it off. Even events that have been going on for over 20 years still have their glitches. It isn’t about how many problems you have, but how you overcome them and how largely they impact the convention goers.

I would like to say a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to FIAD Entertainment on how smoothly GEXCon seamed to have gone. As I walked around extremely exhausted from 2 VERY LONG days of moving into the facility with no AC, a couple of fires had been put out, (not literally), things started to run themselves as we wanted and I was able to pick up my camera as I looked at the clock. I thought it was only noon (a couple of hours after doors open), but it turned out to be 4PM. I ended up in a time warp to make sure things were going as planned, and I was disappointed I missed many of the key elements I wanted to photograph. I decided to walk around and get any shot I could, and as I started to look through my lens I realized that all the sweat/tears/blisters/and bruises were all worth it. I heard so many people cheering with excitement and saw so many faces light up. The comradery that was shown by strangers and the new friendships that were being made just shined throughout.

Sometimes we get lost in what our original goals where and the business mindset takes over, but THIS was the reason FIAD wanted to create a gaming convention… to bring those like minded together, share in their experiences, and create new friends. From young to old many came out and had a great time.