Under Pressure – to Make a Flyer

Branding, Graphic Design, Print


Nothing puts you under more pressure than starting your own business. But when you are able to make the big leap with a friend that has the same dedication as you, it makes it that much easier.

I have had the pleasure of knowing the Slye family for many years, so when Joey Slye contacted me to tell me all about his new venture I was all ears. As I sat back and listened to Joey talk about the company he was starting with his friend Nathan Camden, I began to formulate what style we would implement for their marketing materials.

Strength, Determination, Bold, Breaking Boundaries.. These are all words that came to mind as he shared their business plan, where they were starting, what their goals were, and what they wanted to become.

Here’s the thing. Many people think designers just sit back, pick colors and fonts, and “make something pretty”. Rightfully so, some do. But I don’t even talk about design for the first 10 minutes I meet with clients. I like to take the first 10 minutes to sit back and hear all about them. I want to see where their passion is. I gain knowledge by their body language and watch to see what is most important to them about their business. I jot down in my notebook words that will inspire me to design later.

Let the Design Process Begin

This brings me back to Joey and Nathan’s flyer for Under Pressure. I knew I needed to make something that was:

• Bold with color
• Showed Strength not only in their photos but the sections building upon one another
• Choose key words to show their audience the Determination and Dedication they have

All of these key factors came into play and show in the flyer that we created… Yes WE, because great design is a team effort between the client and the artist.

A good designer can provide you with something pretty, but I strive to be a GREAT designer that is able to show the passion for the businesses through design.

 Remember, that flyer that is left or hanging up may be the first impression a potential customer may see. Make it a GREAT impression.