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Many come to us with graphic design needs and realize we provide much more. Yes, we love to design for all our clients, but we also want to make sure they are getting the best deal in all of their marketing efforts. As an advertisement agency we have many working relationships with local companies and are able to ensure the best deals for all parties.

Two of our clients were looking for new ways to reach patients and help build their brand. General Internal Medicine Group wanted to capitalize on the longevity and strong relationships they have kept over the years with their patients, while Ballston Urgent Care wanted to make sure the local audience knew of their facility, quality of care, and hours. With our amazing staff staying on top of all the different opportunities approaching we were able to find a perfect fit in one magazine for BOTH clients.

Arlington Magazine was coming out with their “Test of Time” edition that highlights different businesses, their success, and the years that have made them so great. This was a perfect piece to have General Internal Medicine Group featured. As we all know, magazines are always looking for advertisers and we knew it would be a great place to put Ballston Urgent Cares ad in at a great price. Both practices were very happy with the turn out and we thrive off of the happiness and success of our clients.

AJ Studios is not just about design, but about wanting all of our clients to succeeded and taking the pressures off of them. Let us be the ones to negotiate deals, keep track of deadlines, and facilitate timelines. Business owners have enough going on with just running a business. Don’t let your marketing plans fall through the cracks because you don’t think you have the time. We will be happy to help.