November 8, 2017 No Comments Amanda Sale Photography

Senior Photos for a beautiful young woman.

A couple weeks ago I was asked to take senior photos for this beautiful young woman. So many emotions flooded me with that simple question. Pride (in being able to watch her grow up and become such an inspiration), Honor (to have been asked to take on such an amazing opportunity that she will look back on for the rest of her life), Fear (that I will not be able to truly capture and deliver everyone’s expectations), and Panic (I have never photographed anyone else before and I NEVER consider myself a photographer).After a long discussion and understanding that we would do multiple shoots, as practice makes better, I agreed and started doing some research.

It was time to look up some poses and find inspiration on lighting and scene selections. Then it was time to dive back into the basics that go through my head for EVERY item I compose, whether it is an ad, image, or design. Subject, Composition, Moment, Light, Emotional Impact.

Then it was THE DAY! My stomach was in knots as we walked to the first scene, and my hand was shaking as I took the first photo. As I glanced down at my DSLR and scrolled through the first couple of photos that I just took all my stress was washed over me. Why in the world was I so worried when my subject is so georgious?! From that second on it became so much fun and we had a blast. I truly wish the day could have gone on for some much longer. I can’t wait for our next session!

Syera McCormic – Thank you for being you. You are always true to yourself and such a strong woman. I have loved watching you grown and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead.

AmyGrace Bowie – I thought you lost your mind when you thought we could pull this off, but we make one hell of a good team! Thanks for having more confidence in this than I had. 🙂

Syera's Senior Photos