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Pediatric Partners of Stafford (PPOS) has been a staple in the North Stafford community for many years. I can personally testify to this statement, as the amazing staff & practitioners once looked over me. Yes, I can say proudly that Dr. Loving was my Pediatrician and she is a fabulous one! So when I was asked if I could help them update their website I was ALL IN! They had my best interest at heart for some many years, now it was my turn to do the same for the practice.

After a quick look at their old site I realized we had a couple main items that needed to be tackled. 

  1. It was VERY dated. The website needed a new look that didn’t resemble and interact like the websites from the early 2000’s (when it was originally designed)
  2. It needed COLOR. Medical websites used to only showcase blues, for a good reason. Many people are nervous about visiting doctors so blue is naturally a calming color. We used to (and at times still do) stay away from reds, as it tends to remind people of blood and can increase anxiety.
  3. Where were the KIDS?!! This is a pediatric practice, but yet their were no photos of children. Yes, parents want to see the staff and the building, but they also want to physiologically be reminded that the most important entity to the staff is their child. In a time where everyone is constantly struggling and fighting about medical bills and insurance, we need to remind parents that the reason they bring their child, or the reason they will be choosing PPOS is because they put the children first.
  4. Mobile Responsive. Good bye “pinch and zoom”. This new website was going to be legible as soon as it was pulled up on any users phone.
  5. Easy Navigation. Parents are ALWAYS on the go with children. When they need to contact the practice, they shouldn’t have to click around to find information. We streamlined where all the information was located, and removed “hidden pages” that you used to have to remember what parent page their link was on.
  6. Fillable Forms. 90% of parents or guardians have some form of technology they are able to fill a form out on. Having these forms online that you can pre-fill out not only helps speed up the wait time in the waiting room, but also insures accuracy with information. Let’s be honest, most of us do not write as often as we used to so our handwriting has become a little harder to read.

Of course there were other items we addressed as well, but these were the main ones that needed the most love and care when it came to designing the new website. Not to mention all the Search Engine Optimization that needed to be tackled.

Visit the LIVE website HERE.

If you are in search of a Pediatrician I STRONGLY suggest contacting Pediatric Partners of Stafford. As a past patient, current vendor, and new mom.. I have seen and still see first hand the dedication they have to each and everyone of the children they see.

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Client: Pediatric Partners of Stafford

Created:August 15, 2019

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