Charlie G’s Menu

Hard Times to Charlie G’s

With an overnight switch, a local Fredericksburg restaurant has changed from Hard Times to the new Charlie G’s, requiring a brand new menu design.

The amazing owners of Hard Times Downtown Fredericksburg came to us and said they wanted Charlie G’s menu to represent the new style the restaurant was going to have. They had decided it was time to move away from the Old Western style that hung on the walls for years, and update to a more vibrant modern family decor. Taking their vision of what the renovated restaurant was going to be, we went to the drawing board of how to also represent that in the menu.

The Old vs The New

The older menu was a lengthy multi-page book that made customers flip page after page to find different items and located what they wanted to choose. The new menu is a single front and back page that lays out the different options and helps eliminate the “flip to page X for sides”. We also wanted to have the menu make a statement. Some may walk into the restaurant still thinking they have stopped into Hard Times. Let’s be real.. everyone has that auto-pilot mode we sink into at times. With the restaurant still having the same smiling faces as they walked in, they may have bypassed the new sign out front and the new décor.  That is why we wanted them to take notice with the menu. The sleek grey background and white text brings a modern feel that plays off Charlie G’s logo.

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Client: Charlie G's

Created:February 6, 2020

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