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We are always looking for new and innovative ways to share our wonderful clients’ services. Ok, so yes, in other words ‘Marketing’, but so many people tune out when you say the “M” word. AJ Studios likes to think of marketing not as that dirty little “M” word, but as a way to reach out to the community and spread the news about your business or product. We show that you are not just a name, but an incredible service and also the inspiration that truly drives your business. One GREAT example is that while searching the internet for a new client, an upcoming event was discovered. Ballston Urgent Care, a marvelous client and facility, had just opened at the end of March. While looking for a new way they could network and share their services, the Taste of Arlington event was discovered. But to be held in only 1.5 weeks!

  • My 1st thought: THIS LOCATION IS PERFECT!
  • 2nd: Would the event have room for us, since it is WAY past the deadline?
  • 3rd: Would Ballston Urgent Care (BUC) even want to participate since the event is targeted and aimed for restaurants in Arlington? What better place to introduce the loving and passionate staff of this amazing organization to the community, then at a great community event such as this!
  • 4th: If BUC is agreeable we don’t have anything for the booth! Most events take weeks if not MONTHS to prepare everything. Now that I have discovered this, we will need to create an entire booth layout and plan!!!

After a conference call with BUC and a call with Taste of Arlington Event Staff, we were in. GREAT NEWS, Right?!!! And then the “OH GEEZE” moment sunk in. After a pep talk from my partner, we started hashing out ideas of everything needed to make this booth look professional and not look like it was pulled together in under 2 weeks. This was our time to show off BUC to the community and we wanted to do it right! During this process we made new connections in the marketing and promotional industry and they delivered great products at an exceptional speed. As I was busy creating brochure designs, hand sanitizers labels, table cloth covers, balloons, magnets, pop up stands, tattoo stations, and digital signage, I had a great team that was dealing with the production of the brochures as well as with the folded Business Cards that doubled as BMI information handouts. I am very excited to say that not only did my amazing team pull all these items together, but BUC had a great looking booth with a wonderful turnout. Make sure to check out their blog at and also see some of the day’s fun event photos.