January 8, 2016 No Comments dennisw Branding, Multi Media, Web

It is the beginning of the year and many businesses are determined to find new and effective ways to market that won’t strap them for cash. Some will turn to ads in newspapers or on the different web platforms, while others will look to more print products such as post cards and flyers. If we take a step back and think about what most people’s daily routines are, we can find a very inexpensive way to market our businesses.

Most people wake up, take a shower, eat breakfast (if they are lucky), and do the next task as if it was ingrained inside of them, from their mother like “brush your teeth”… Check Their E-Mail! Many go through and see what communications are from work, what are the latest deals from the big chains they purchase from, and what is the latest news within the community.  So among these e-mails, they should be seeing you!

Look at your business and figure out the correct amount of e-mails to send per week or month. Let’s take a restaurant as our first example. If you plan  different activities throughout the week let your patrons know about them. Send them an e-mail letting them know what food and drink specials will be available, what bands will be playing, and what game nights might come about. Give them something to be excited about to make sure they put it on their calendar and bring their friends. Remember, in the restaurant industry you are not just reaching those that sign up for your e-mail notifications, but you are also reaching all their friends and family they want to bring along to have a good time.

Sure, restaurants and retail shops seem like the logical businesses to be sending out e-mails as a marketing tool, but let’s take something that might not be in need of an e-mail every single week.  Photography! The trick for photographers is to reach those that don’t think of you on a daily bases. A large number of photographers that are in the wedding industry go to bridal shows, collect e-mail address from brides, and unfortunately stop there. Why?! These are such great leads that should be turning into potential clients! Don’t let a wedding date stop you! Send out an e-mail once a month to remind brides of your name and how amazing you are. These e-mails can be anything from running a special on engagement sessions, we hope all your wedding planning is going well, check out our blog, to even a better one, “we are booking up fast so call us today!” These once a month e-mails keep your company fresh in their mind so when it is time to choose that amazing photographer you are the first one they think of.

Has their wedding date past? DON’T STOP SENDING! Just because their wedding has come and gone does not mean they should be forgotten. Entice them with a 1 year anniversary shoot, Pregnancy Photos, Christmas Card Family Photos and more! Don’t let them slip and go to those “point and shoot” shops to capture those amazing memories. If a client feels that you have not forgotten about them after their wedding, they will make sure to make a mental note not to forget about you!


Sold on the idea of e-mail marketing? Are you wondering, “How do I get e-mail addresses?” Stay on the lookout for our upcoming blog and great ways to gain e-mail address that could become your next client!