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From the 1st year to the 100th year, putting on a convention is a ton of work. From picking the perfect date, venue, concept, interest, audience, and the list goes on and one. It was very interesting to me that after speaking to many, the general consensus is “Once you have done the convention… isn’t it super easy the next year?” Oh, how I wish that was true. This was my 2nd year helping out with GEXCon, so you would think.. “ok most of the graphics and marketing are already done.” And yes, for some items that may be true,

A Growing Family Business

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AJ Studios has always been a small family owned business that prides itself of the personal touches we give each of our clients. We strive to stay on top of new marketing techniques, social media updates, ways to promote all of our clients, and watch everyone grow. Hailey Sale With the theme of growing, some may know that we have grown our family business by one more. You may have seen on our Twitter and Instagram our new addition.. Miss. Hailey Sale. I could not be more excited to have her in our life, but I give so much credit to

Fast Find, Fast Actions

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We are always looking for new and innovative ways to share our wonderful clients’ services. Ok, so yes, in other words ‘Marketing’, but so many people tune out when you say the “M” word. AJ Studios likes to think of marketing not as that dirty little “M” word, but as a way to reach out to the community and spread the news about your business or product. We show that you are not just a name, but an incredible service and also the inspiration that truly drives your business. One GREAT example is that while searching the internet for a

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