Snow Senior Photo Shoot

March 25, 2018 No Comments Amanda Sale Photography

The 3 of us had been waiting all winter long to be able to have this snow senior photo shoot. It was becoming so late in the season, I never thought we would be able to do it. But Virginia being good old VA, it showed us one amazing day to take some photos. I give these to so much credit as the froze their butts off. As I was nice and toasty in all of my layers, they sacrificed their warmth to have very stylish poses. You can see the love and friendship these two have for each other.

Senior Photos

November 8, 2017 No Comments Amanda Sale Photography

Senior Photos for a beautiful young woman. A couple weeks ago I was asked to take senior photos for this beautiful young woman. So many emotions flooded me with that simple question. Pride (in being able to watch her grow up and become such an inspiration), Honor (to have been asked to take on such an amazing opportunity that she will look back on for the rest of her life), Fear (that I will not be able to truly capture and deliver everyone’s expectations), and Panic (I have never photographed anyone else before and I NEVER consider myself a photographer).After

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