Under Pressure – to Make a Flyer

Nothing puts you under more pressure than starting your own business. But when you are able to make the big leap with a friend that has the same dedication as you, it makes it that much easier. I have had the pleasure of knowing the Slye family for many years, so when Joey Slye contacted me to tell me all about his new venture I was all ears. As I sat back and listened to Joey talk about the company he was starting with his friend Nathan Camden I began to formulate what style we would implement for their marketing

We don’t just do Graphic Design

From the 1st year to the 100th year, putting on a convention is a ton of work. From picking the perfect date, venue, concept, interest, audience, and the list goes on and one. It was very interesting to me that after speaking to many, the general consensus is “Once you have done the convention… isn’t it super easy the next year?” Oh, how I wish that was true. This was my 2nd year helping out with GEXCon, so you would think.. “ok most of the graphics and marketing are already done.” And yes, for some items that may be true,

Working together with Magazines

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Many come to us with graphic design needs and realize we provide much more. Yes, we love to design for all our clients, but we also want to make sure they are getting the best deal in all of their marketing efforts. As an advertisement agency we have many working relationships with local companies and are able to ensure the best deals for all parties. Two of our clients were looking for new ways to reach patients and help build their brand. General Internal Medicine Group wanted to capitalize on the longevity and strong relationships they have kept over the years

GEXCon – The next Gaming Convention in Fredericksburg, VA

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At AJ Studios we are constantly finding different ways to spotlight and help promote each and every one of our clients. Some are best featured on Pinterest and Facebook, while others may be best to be displayed in our office. But today, we have decided to dedicated our blog post to help spread awareness for FIAD Entertainment’s next big event… GEXCon. What is GEXCon? THE Gaming and Entertainment Experience Convention (GEXCon) is a two day non-stop event featuring video and card games such as  Magic The Gathering, Couter-Strike: Global Offensive, Super Smash Bros., Rocket League, League of Legends, HearthStone, and

E-Mail Marketing- Inexpensive and Effective

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It is the beginning of the year and many businesses are determined to find new and effective ways to market that won’t strap them for cash. Some will turn to ads in newspapers or on the different web platforms, while others will look to more print products such as post cards and flyers. If we take a step back and think about what most people’s daily routines are, we can find a very inexpensive way to market our businesses. Most people wake up, take a shower, eat breakfast (if they are lucky), and do the next task as if it

#ShopSmall isn’t just about retail

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The first Small Business Saturday took place on Nov 27, 2010 and launched a new phenomenon immediately following Thanksgiving. With Black “Friday” (now really Thursday) and Cyber Monday focusing on many of the larger chains, American Express took charge to bring it back to the local community. Going into it’s 4th official year (recognized by U.S. Senate in 2011) many eager consumer go out to visit their local shops and continue the purchasing mayhem that is prior to the Holiday gift giving season. BUT!!! #ShopSmall isn’t just about Shopping. It is about reconnecting with the small local businesses and supporting the local

Online Marketing

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Online marketing for any company is a full time job. With so many options between Google, Facebook, Twitter and more.. how do you know what is the right platform for your marketing strategy? Do you know what ads are most effective? Watch our short episode on Lifestyles to learn more.

You Never Know Who Your Next Client Will Be

As some may know, the idea of AJ Studios came after I married my husband. Yes, I did tons of wedding stationery afterwards, but I also found my new calling with business marketing. I could not be more excited to see how this all has come full circle and I am now working with someone who made my dream wedding come true, Our DJ – Richard Green. *Yes this is a plug, and if you need a GREAT DJ you MUST call him! Most couples have their wedding, thank their vendors, then really never see them again. Richard and I

Nothing Like a Video Shoot

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I am the last person who wants to see myself on tv or a video, but I have had so many clients tell me that once they meet me and see the passion I have for their wedding and/or business they have complete confidence in leaving their ideas in my hands. For this reason, and also a great opportunity, I agreed to be featured on the Lifestyles TV Show. Not only did the amazing staff pull together a great interview, but they made it so easy for me to forget the cameras where rolling and just talk about the love

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