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Being able to have 10 min. of free time last week, I took full advantage. With the sun shinning and our pile of finished pieces pilling up I started snapping away photos. That’s the easy part right? Now time to write captions, slightly edit and re-size photos, and begin posting on our website. Then of course I can’t stop there, as I have to set up post for ALL of our social media. No big deal….right? But when you have Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google+, and Twitter it is a lot to cover. Not only do I make sure each post gets the correct hashtages, but also the correct image size and link. And this is just for MY company. To think I do this for almost ALL of my clients on a daily bases.

After posting about 10 products to AJ Studios portfolio page over the past 7 days I arrived this morning to my website shinning on my screen. It was then that it hit me. “HOLY COW! Is this what I really do every day?! Did all of those designs REALLY come out of my company?” About once a year I sit back and really appreciate the fact that I love my job, my company and admire all the work that we do.

So many days of the week, month, year go by and our focus is on each and everyone of our clients. One project finished, on to the next, start work on redesign after comments come in, stay on top of trending designs, make sure we are up to date in our marketing knowledge, promote clients, make sure all orders are filled, meetings with clients.. and the lists continues. With all of my clients focused in such diverse feels, I never get stuck in a rut with designs or concepts and I LOVE IT! So today I will do what I don’t do often and sit back and gaze at how lucky and impressed I am at what we do.